Port St Lucie Realty

A Better Way To Sell Your Home

Port St Lucie Realty uses technology to streamline the home selling process, including helping seller's price their home, manage showings, negotiate offers and sign documents, all online.

$10,000 Flat Fee

By utilizing technology we are able to bring down the high cost of selling a home as we only charge a flat fee of $10,000 which saves the average Port St Lucie homeowner $5,000.

Why Pay a Flat Fee?

Because paying a commission of a percentage of the price of your home does not make sense. More Info.

Full Service

Don’t let the cost savings fool you. We will guide you through every step of your transaction from listing to closing. You get everything you would expect from a real estate agent, but for less money.


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90 Day Listing

We only list homes for 90 days. If we can't sell your home within 90 days we can simply go our separate ways.

We Help Buyers Pay Their Closing Costs

Would you like to buy a home and receive $2,000, $3,000 or even $5,000 at closing?

Well now you can!

We will credit to you the entire amount of our commission above $5,000 which you can use to pay for your closing costs.

Home Buyer Credit

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Realtor Port St Lucie

Port St Lucie Realty specializes exclusively in Port St Lucie and will use their knowledge of the area to help you find the perfect home at the perfect price.

Call Us Today

If you have good credit and plan to buy a home, townhome or condo in Port St Lucie within the next 60 days call us at (772) 678-2980.